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Staying Focused in Online Poker

Published June 05, 2008 - RSS/XML Feed RSS
One of the problems many players run into when playing online poker is a loss of focus. Whereas every player knows the basic texas holdem rules, players are not in an actual casino and never have to handle actual chips or money. It can be hard to remember that there are real funds at stake until the balance zeroes out and it’s time to dip into the bank account to reload. To be successful at online poker it is crucial to stay focused and there are a few ways to make that easier.  

Pick the Right Time to Play

It’s tempting to jump right into an online texas holdem game the second you get near a computer. However, to be truly focused on the game, you need to wait until the conditions are right. This doesn’t mean you need to wait for a special occasion to play online poker, but playing when there is a lot of activity going on in your home might not be the best idea. In addition, playing when you only have fifteen minutes or so free can be dangerous. Sure, you might figure on just jumping in for a few hands, but if those hands don’t go your way, you may push hard to get back even before your time runs out and lose even more money.

Pick the Right Place to Play

With the Internet, you can play poker anywhere, which is why it’s so important to pick the right place to play. In the middle of the living room, with the television blaring, is probably not it if you’re trying to stay focused. A den or sitting room where you can close the door and get some quiet is much better. If you want to apply your hard-earned texas holdem strategy, you have to be able to concentrate.

Pick the Right Attitude for Online Poker

If you’re feeling angry, tired or depressed, take a walk and save the online poker for later. A good frame of mind is essential to successful online poker.

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