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6 Things To Know Before Choosing An Online Poker Room

Published May 08, 2008 - RSS/XML Feed RSS
Being restricted to the crowded, noisy confinement of the casino is a thing of the past. These days, there are literally hundreds of online rooms that allow you to participate in many of the classic casino games.

If poker is your game, then finding a room that offers it will not be a problem.However, finding the right one may be more of a challenge than you think.
While you may be eager to jump right into the game, you should exhibit an ounce of caution, especially if you’re new to online poker. Many of the rooms you run across are sure to be impressive and rather tempting upon the first visit.They’re well designed with vivid, eye-popping graphics that give off the feel of a conventional casino.Several will test your greed and common sense with the promise of the “big bonus.”
However, before you make that initial deposit, there are 6 essential things you must know to ensure that your experience with online poker will be a positive one.
#1 - Legalities of Online Gambling
Poker has been a huge phenomenon since the first internet Casino exploded nationwide back in 1995 offering games such as online slots. Since then, millions of players have swarmed thousands of game rooms, willingly typing in credit card numbers to get a big piece of the action.Though nothing can truly replace the atmosphere of the brick-and-mortar casino, online gambling has quickly become a multi-billion dollar per year industry.
Not only is the competition fierce in online poker rooms, but the battle is also intense from a legal aspect, as the sport continues to be at the center of controversy.This heated battle is one that can have a tremendous impact on you, the online poker player, as many of the laws made today will dictate how the game is played in the future.
Whether or not you have the freedom to compete in particular online poker rooms will depend on the gambling laws established where you live.For instance, a few prominent poker rooms have declined U.S. players because of strict regulations enacted over the past several years.A number of poker rooms do still accept U.S. players, though the best move is to inquire within a game room to learn about their procedures.
You can learn more about the rules and regulations of online poker by visiting the following web sites:
#2 - How to Manage Your Money: Tracking Deposits and Withdrawals
First and foremost, you need to be concerned about the money you’re putting up.While most of the sites you encounter are legitimate poker rooms, a few of them are rogue sites operating scams.It is also important to make sure your winnings are easily accessible with no hidden restrictions or stipulations. This is why you want to thoroughly research a room to assure that there are no problems making deposits or withdrawals.
As payment options are becoming limited to U.S. players, it is very important to find a poker room that is able to accommodate your method of banking.Online payment services, such as E-passport, E-wallet, and money transfer services, such as Western Union and Rapid Transfer, tend to be the easiest ways to deposit money.
Knowing the required method of payment is very important because while many poker rooms still accept Visa and Mastercard, there are a few credit cards they will not accept.For example, Amex (American Express) typically isn’t accepted due to the company’s refusal to participate in online gambling.
#3 - Truths about the Bonus
Numerous online poker sites are able to sell their service merely with the amazing bonus attached to it just like online casino bonuses lure players to the casinos. But the glamorous bonus that is offered with your first deposit may not be as rewarding as it seems.
In general, the bonus will be a percentage of your total deposit, anywhere from 10% to 100% with a maximum bonus cap.This is where you must exercise caution; bonuses do not always operate as advertised and may be misleading.
For instance, a poker room may give you a 100% bonus, but attach playing requirements that require a very large amount of hands played (which translates into a lot time spent at the poker site).A lower poker bonus may be more realistic and typically have more reasonable player requirements.
Overall, you want a bonus that caters to your playing habits.Before signing up with a room, be sure to thoroughly read their terms to learn if you’re likely to achieve the bonus given your playing habits.
#4 - How to Anticipate the Skill Level in a Poker Room
After finding a poker room that is safe and legitimate, it is now time to cover one of the most important factors - the competition.When money is on the line, the level of competition is something that can make or break your bankroll.
For beginners, the best way to elude the skillful, aggressive players is to play in low-risk rooms with micro and low-limit tables.This is where you will find more inexperienced players who are much more likely to lose, enabling a mid-level player to share in the profits.You will also discover a few poker rooms that allow you to play free.These rooms are great for sharpening your skills in preparation for the big money.
The advanced poker player might be more suited for a big name tournament or just a larger room with more players.The best advice for determining the level of competition is to visit a trusted online poker authority and read their reviews on the most popular environments.Some poker rooms have a reputation for being “softer/fishier/easier” than others.This will give you a bit of insight on how a room operates before making a commitment.
#5 - How to Develop a Strategy
In the beginning stages of an online poker game, a player typically has two choices: they can take an aggressive approach or choose to play passively.Most individuals adapt to an aggressive style of play to get an early lead over the competition.This enables them to remain strong during the middle stage and keep that energy flowing through the end of the game.
Another commonly used online poker strategy involves the continuation bet; this wager is typically placed following a flop.In this scenario, a player raises their hand during a game after already establishing control.It is important to understand the level of control being utilized in a poker game.In general, the continuation bet puts your opponents in a compromising situation, where they aren’t sure of what cards to play.Seizing complete control of a hand allows you to dictate or others play their cards.As the game goes on, their ability to call your bluff will diminish.
#6 - Functionality of the Software
Often overlooked by potential gamblers, the software being used is a very crucial element of online poker.A room might be prosperous with legitimate bonuses and high-quality traffic, but if the software is lacking in functionality or design, its value is sure to decline significantly over time.
The underlying software of an online poker room is what allows personal preference.For instance, some players may prefer an animated interface with cartoon-like avatars, while others may enjoy more realistic settings.A few players may like to play from the traditional top view, some may prefer a side view, and others may enjoy a camera setting that gives them a tilted view of the table with their character in the center.
In order to achieve success in online poker, you must have a certain level of comfort, one provided by the interface of the software.It is a good idea to pick a room that allows for personal customization, one where the game is completely visible and gives you easy access to your bankroll.Especially as you build your experience and want to play multi-table games (meaning more than one table simultaneously), the software interface needs to be easy to use and navigate.
As you become more advanced at the game of online poker, the software’s functionality becomes more important.With a clean, easy to user interface, you can simultaneously participate in multiple games and increase your chances of winning.
The Decision
Taking note of the six essential factors mentioned here will help you find a reliable poker room that meets your personal needs.From there, you will not have to concern yourself with deposits and winnings, the level of competition, shady bonuses or dysfunctional software.All you have to focus on is honing your skills and developing strategies that make you a winner.

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