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Hero (A897 - Middle Position) loses - a straight, three to seven wins over two pair, nines and sevens +6 01-06-2021

Created on January 6th, 2021 by Non-Member


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Hand Information
Game: No Limit Omaha
Blind: $1/ $2
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Table Information
Seat1:   fatlifeguard   ($1,000)
Seat2:   jason   ($136.50)
Seat3:   moe   ($159)
Seat4:   jasony1   ($1,393.25)Dealer
Seat5:   chefcurry   ($1,174.25)Small Blind
Seat6:   a_j   ($904.75)Big Blind
Seat7:   psum   ($729.25)
Seat8:   Hero   ($1,162.75)
Seat9:   playball   ($400)

Seat1:   fatlifeguard Ante $0.25
Seat2:   jason Ante $0.25
Seat3:   moe Ante $0.25
Seat4:   jasony1 Ante $0.25
Seat5:   chefcurry Ante $0.25
Seat6:   a_j Ante $0.25
Seat7:   psum Ante $0.25
Seat8:   Hero Ante $0.25
Seat9:   playball Ante $0.25

Dealt to Hero

Preflop (Pot:5.25)
psum   FOLD    
Hero   RAISE    $12.25
playball   FOLD    
fatlifeguard   FOLD    
jason   FOLD    
moe   CALL    $10.25
jasony1   CALL    $12.25
chefcurry   FOLD    
a_j   FOLD    

Flop   (Pot: $40.25)

Hero   BET    $30.75
moe   RAISE    $133.25
jasony1   FOLD    
Hero   RAISE    $235.75
moe   ALL-IN    $15.25
Hero   RETURN    $89.25

Turn   (Pot: $455.25)

River   (Pot: $455.25)


moe  SHOWS


moe  wins the pot: $455.25