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A flush, ace high wins over two pair, tens and fives and two pair, jacks and deuces and a pair of tens and two pair, aces and fives and two pair, aces and nines and two pair, tens and fours and two pair, jacks and tens and a flush, eight high and a pair o 03-14-2019

Created on March 14th, 2019 by Shark_Attack86


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Hand Info

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Hand Information
Game: No Limit
Blind: $10/ $20
Hand History converter courtesy of

Table Information
Seat1:   super1337   ($1,500)Dealer
Seat2:   ryker555   ($1,500)Small Blind
Seat3:   archanjos   ($1,500)Big Blind
Seat4:   pimenta40   ($1,500)
Seat5:   ticul77777   ($1,500)
Seat6:   elbaroni123   ($1,500)
Seat7:   tfalbppyc   ($1,500)
Seat8:   luizffmarque   ($1,500)
Seat9:   tomáš(ray)   ($1,500)

Seat1:   super1337 Ante $3
Seat2:   ryker555 Ante $3
Seat3:   archanjos Ante $3
Seat4:   pimenta40 Ante $3
Seat5:   ticul77777 Ante $3
Seat6:   elbaroni123 Ante $3
Seat7:   tfalbppyc Ante $3
Seat8:   luizffmarque Ante $3
Seat9:   tomáš(ray) Ante $3

Dealt to

Preflop (Pot:57)
pimenta40   FOLD    
ticul77777   FOLD    
elbaroni123   CALL    $20
tfalbppyc   CALL    $20
luizffmarque   RAISE    $80
tomáš(ray)   CALL    $80
super1337   FOLD    
ryker555   FOLD    
archanjos   CALL    $60
elbaroni123   FOLD    
tfalbppyc   CALL    $60

Flop   (Pot: $380)

archanjos   CHECK    
tfalbppyc   BET    $80
luizffmarque   CALL    $80
tomáš(ray)   CALL    $80
archanjos   RAISE    $160
tfalbppyc   CALL    $80
luizffmarque   CALL    $80
tomáš(ray)   CALL    $80

Turn   (Pot: $1,020.00)

archanjos   CHECK    
tfalbppyc   CHECK    
luizffmarque   CHECK    
archanjos   FOLD    
tfalbppyc   CALL    $509
luizffmarque   FOLD    

River   (Pot: $1,529)

tfalbppyc   CHECK    


tfalbppyc  SHOWS

ticul77777  SHOWS

tfalbppyc  MUCKS

archanjos  MUCKS

archanjos  MUCKS

archanjos  MUCKS

ryker555  SHOWS

archanjos  SHOWS

tfalbppyc  SHOWS

luizffmarque  SHOWS

ryker555  SHOWS

archanjos  SHOWS

pimenta40  MUCKS

super1337  SHOWS

luizffmarque  SHOWS

pimenta40  SHOWS

elbaroni123  SHOWS

ticul77777  SHOWS

tomáš(ray)  MUCKS

elbaroni123 wins  the side pot : $0
elbaroni123 wins  the main pot : $1,529